Bubble Squad

Multiplayer Bubble Shooter

Save the citizens of Soap-Lake City from the dangerous bubble-threat, alone or together in team, up to 4 players, by fighting bubbles with bubbles. The game is designed for multitouch devices such as the Fun4Four multiplayer gametable.


  • Fast paced gameplay
  • local multiplayer – 4 players on one single screen
  • Cooperate with – or play against other players
  • Different playable characters
  • Power-Ups help you destroy the bubbles faster
  • Wicked Monsters fight against the players
  • 1 big, vicious tentacle – meet the “Kraken”

Soap-Lake City has been contaminated by a threat nobody would have ever expected to become such a powerful enemy – bursting soap bubbles. A special unit hits the road in order to find out where these bubbles came from. But on their way through the darkest places of Soap-Lake City, they soon find out that simply bursting bubbles can become an extremely dangerous mission.