Part of Remote Control Productions family

We are proud to announce that we are now part of Germanys biggest game developer family. Together with studios like “Chimera Entertainment“, “it Matters Games“, “Brightside Games“, “TG Nord“, “Wolpertinger Games“, “stillalive studios“, “Zeitland” and “Bumm Game” our Studio “REDOX Game Labs” from Salzburg  and “Double Smith” from St. Pölten  are now part of the RCP Family.


Hendrik Lesser, CEO of RCP commented: “With Double Smith and REDOX we win highly experienced and talented partners from Austria. We are looking forward to work on their existing and future games, to assist them with our many years of experience and also promote dialog with our experienced studios. With every partner our developer family grows and finding such ambitious partners for this family is and will remain not only strategically essential, it is also very exciting! I like!”

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Remote Control Productions is an independent, international active games production house with focus on mediation, development and production of entertainment software. It hosts Germany’s biggest developer network with extensive experience and a wide range of contacts, providing an important interface between developers, publishers, distributors and investors.

RCP implements significant services in the core competences of business development, production, sales, creative services and research all of which play a vital role in the development of our projects and invests in young, talented teams and startups. Here we receive strategic advice along with operational tasks to ensure success.


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