Bubble Squad

Multiplayer Bubble Shooter

Save the citizens of Soap-Lake City from the dangerous bubble-threat, alone or together in team, up to 4 players, by fighting bubbles with bubbles. The game is designed for multitouch devices such as the Fun4Four multiplayer gametable.


3rd person action-adventure

Our début game is a 3rd person action-adventure with a strong focus on individual gameplay. The game is currently under heavy development. For further information, please visit the NOOMIX Website.

Thrill BMX

Interactive ragdoll test

This is a rather simple test scene we have originally set up for a game pitch. You can switch between the obstacles and watch the bikers fail.

Granny’s finest pot

Mobile flow-game

Rock the kitchen and help granny to cook the perfect stew in this appealing cooking-flow-game!

Ant Game Prototype

Mobile casual RTS

This “ant game” prototype is a multiplayer desktop and mobile RTS (real-time strategy game), where each player tries to wipe out the other player’s ant colony.